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Welcome to FLYPETS - delivery of pets by plane with the courier.

         People trust us their most expensive for 10 years!

You have to send a puppy or a kitten to another city, but you cannot go with it. Or you fly with the pet, but do not have enough time to deal with the formalities required for transportation. Sending by train with the conductor - a trip of several days in a smoked carriage will not be pleasant for the pet. Send as a cargo - you do not want your pet to fly in the darkness and cold with the luggage where it will be scary and no one changes the diaper.

         We will solve all your problems, arrange the veterinary documents required, deliver the animal to the destination promptly and with care along with the person who will watch the pet during the whole flight in the plane's cabin. We also save your time and power for the long flights, often over several time zones in a narrow and tight seat, passing a lot of procedures of getting the documents in the airports. We will consult you about all the documents required to transport your dog or cat by plane, tell you the requirements for chipping and vaccines and if you want - we will do everything for you. Delivery of small dogs, puppies, kittens and adult cats up to 6-8 kg in the cabin is our specialization. If your pet's weight exceeds these numbers, it will be transported in a special heated compartment with the courier as well.

          For 10 years we have helped hundreds of people in bringing the awaited friend to their homes, and prevented many others from addressing to the scums, that offer nonexistent services and cheating the trustful people. We have excellent feedbacks on various forums and internet sites. We will be happy to help you!